Our members here at the Australasian Horror Writers Association (‘AHWA’) are a talented bunch. And as such we have quite a few members who run their own publishing arms that open their arms, and their minds for submissions to do with the horror genre.

AHWA Publishing

The AHWA have our own publishing arm. However, we do not call out for submissions. AHWA Publishers release the Midnight Echo Magazine (online) and an annual anthology.

IFWP Publishing Australia

IFWP Publishing Australia are one of Australasia’s leading publishers of horror and dark fiction. Launching in 2010 they quickly made a name for themselves. And while currently closed for submissions (expected reopening mid-2018) are continuing to take the world of publishing by storm.

Oscillate Wildly Press

Oscillate Wildly Press is a relative newcomer, however the publishing branch is quickly making a name for itself as their star continues to glow brighter. A small abstract publisher looking for big ideas.

Altair Australia

Altair Australia was formed in 1996 originally producing magazines and books however, now-a-days specialising in anthologies. A seven-time Writers of the Future honorable mention.

Digitalien Publishing

Digitalien is a jack-of-all trades when it comes to technology and what you want to achieve on the internet. Recently the team at Digitalien branched out to publishing and will soon be opening up for submissions.