Midnight Echo 10


An interview with Victor Miller (Friday 13th), fiction from Gary A. Braunbeck, Richard Farren Barber, Alan Baxter and Martin Livings as well as artwork by Vincen Chong, Greg Chapman and Mel Gannon all headline Midnight Echo Magazine – Issue 10.

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Midnight Echo Magazine
Issue 10 – November 2013

Ghost Stories

An interview with Friday 13th Author Victor Miller, the final installment of ‘The Key to his Kingdom‘ as well as:

Featuring Artwork by:

  • Vincent Chong;
  • Greg Chapman;
  • Mel Gannon.

And Fiction by:

  • Gary A. Braunbeck;
  • Richard Farren Barber;
  • Alan Baxter; and,
  • Martin Livings.


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