Dead of Night


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For eleven issues some of the best stories, poems and artwork by Australasian Horror Writers has been placed in Midnight Echo Magazine – the publication of the AHWA. Here, in a very special edition, we offer you Dead of Night: The very Best of Midnight Echo Magazine. Edited by Shane Jiraiya Cummings Dead of Night: The Best of Midnight Echo Magazine brings you stories from: Andrew J McKiernan, Alan Baxter, Deborah Sheldon, Deborah Biancotti, Kathryn Hore, Jason Fischer, Christopher Green, Felicity Dowker, Jason Crowe, David Conyers, David Kernot, Martin Livings, Joanne Anderton, Rebecca Fung, Stephen Dedman, Kris Ashton, Christopher Sequeira, Eugene Gramelis, Claire Fitzpatrick, Shauna O’Meara, Zena Shapter, Anthony P Ferguson, Bryce Stevens, Gary Kemble, R.J. Astruc and many more… Get your copy of Dead of Night today.


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