Midnight Echo is the magazine of the Australasian Horror Writers Association. Midnight Echo aims to showcase the quality and diversity of the modern horror genre, with a focus on promoting the work of horror writers in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and the Pacific Islands.

The magazine was resurrected in 2017 following the publication of the award-winning Dead of Night: The Best of Midnight Echo, which featured a selection of the best stories from issues #1 to #11 (2008 to 2015). Under the current format, the magazine is digital only and managed by an Executive Editor who co-edits each issue with a developing editor selected by the AHWA mentorship programme. This approach is intended to provide Midnight Echo with a consistent voice while showcasing emerging Australasian writing and editing talent.

Prior to issue #12, each issue of Midnight Echo was published in print and digital formats and overseen by a different editorial team that brought their own unique perspective to the magazine. The magazine included a different mix of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, art, and graphic stories, depending on the desires of the editors.

Previous Issues are:

Issue #1 (2008), edited by Kirstyn McDermott and Ian Mond

Issue #2 (2009), edited by Angela Challis and Shane Jiraiya Cummings

Issue #3 (2009), edited by Stephen Studach

Issue #4 (2010), edited by Lee Battersby

Issue #5 (2011), edited by Leigh Blackmore

Issue #6 (2011), edited by David Conyers, Jason Fischer, and David Kernot (science fiction horror issue)

Issue #7 (2012), edited by Daniel I. Russell (taboo issue)

Issue #8 (2012), edited by Mark Farrugia, Amanda J. Spedding, and Marty Young

Issue #9 (2013), edited by G. N. Braun (myths and legends issue)

Issue #10 (2013), edited by Craig Bezant (ghost stories issue)

Issue #11 (2015), edited by Kaaron Warren (sinister issue)

Dead of Night: The Best of Midnight Echo (2016), edited by Shane Jiraiya Cummings

About the Editors

Executive Editor: Shane Jiraiya Cummings

Shane has been acknowledged as “one of Australia’s leading voices in dark fantasy”. He is the editor of the bestselling anthology Rage Against the Night, where he worked with Stephen King, Ramsey Campbell, Peter Straub, and the masters of horror, as well as several award-winning magazines and anthologies such as Shadowed Realms, Black: Australian Dark Culture, HorrorScope, Shadow Box and Black Box, and of course, the award-winning Dead of Night: The Best of Midnight Echo.

His history with the Australasian Horror Writers Association goes back to the AHWA’s beginnings. He is member #10, and he has served as Vice President, Australian Shadows Awards Director (and before that, a judge for two years), and a mentor. Before becoming Executive Editor of the revamped Midnight Echo in 2017, Shane co-edited Midnight Echo #2 with Angela Challis, and his story “Graveyard Orbit” was published in issue #6.

As an author, Shane has had a dozen books published, including The Abandonment of Grace and Everything After, Shards, the Apocrypha Sequence (Deviance, Divinity, Inferno, and Insanity), and the Ravenous Gods cycle (Requiem for the Burning God and Dreams of Destruction).

Website: www.jiraiya.com.au

Co-editors: Every issue will be co-edited by a member of the Australasian Horror Writers Association. Each editor will be selected through the AHWA mentorship programme, and will work under Shane’s guidance to gain experience in editing and publishing an established fiction magazine.

Previous staff (issues #1 to #11)

Former Executive Editors were Scott Wilson, Marty Young, and Cassie Britland.

Former Art Directors and layout artists were David Schembri, Juliet Bathory, David Conyers, Kym-Maree Walley, Geoff Brown, and Greg Chapman.

Their efforts made the magazine truly unique, and they, along with the guest editors for each issue, have the AHWA’s gratitude.