The AHWA Mentor Program offers AHWA members the opportunity to learn more about their craft and improve their skills by working one-on-one with a mentor for a set period. The things a Mentee can learn in a mentorship can range from pitching a story idea, drafting a novel or publishing an e-book, depending on the available mentors in the program.

Mentoring is a two-way learning experience, benefitting both parties in a variety of ways. The benefits can be personal: for the mentor, the ability to pay it forward, or for the Mentee, a bolstering of confidence, or getting a piece of work to a higher standard. There are many benefits, and each mentorship will experience different things.

The greatest gifts an experienced industry professional can give (as a Mentor) is their time and expertise – to share the things they have learnt. A Mentee will get the most benefit from the program by working with the Mentor by carefully considering feedback, communicating in a timely fashion, completing any exercises set, and respecting the Mentor’s time by not making excessive demands.

The more a Mentee puts into their mentorship, the more they will learn.

Details of the Mentors and the mentorships available will be listed on the website.

The Program
All information submitted to the Mentorship Coordinator is confidential and will only be used to match Mentees with Mentors in the AHWA Mentor Program, unless otherwise stated (as is with the case for testimonials, bios and Mentor photos).


The program is only open to financial members of the AHWA; committee members are eligible to apply. Application is free.


  • The cost to the Mentee is $175.00; $150.00 is forwarded to the Mentor as an honorarium, and $25.00 goes to the AHWA as an administration fee. This is not a paid position for the Mentor; the honorarium payment is not representative of an hourly rate and is only a token payment.
  • Once the mentorship is confirmed, payments will be received/made through PayPal.

Application Process

  • Mentees can only apply for the program during the open period, as stated on the website. The application forms are available in the Members area on the AHWA website.
  • Mentees can apply for the AHWA Mentor Program by filling in an application form, and where specified, by also providing a sample of their writing, artwork, or other details as requested.
  • Applicants may apply for either the Midnight Echo Co-editor mentorship or one of the other mentorships, or both (please see application forms), but will only be offered one mentorship if they are a successful applicant.
  • Details regarding the types of mentorships available and what information is required for each submission will be detailed in the submission form, and also on the website under ‘Mentor Program’.
  • Once submissions are closed, the reading period will take approximately four weeks.
  • This program has limited places, and not all applications will be successful. Applicants are encouraged to reapply in the following years’ programs.
  • At the conclusion of the reading period, the Mentors will advise the Mentorship Coordinator of selections, and the Mentees will be contacted with offers.
  • If an applicant declines, the Mentor will choose another Mentee who will be offered the mentorship.
  • Submission requirements for successful applicants will vary depending on available Mentors. Please see website for details.


  • Once all offers are accepted, the Mentorship Coordinator will advise the successful applicant how to pay via PayPal.
  • Once the payment of $175.00 is confirmed, the coordinator will introduce the Mentor to the Mentee, and the mentorship will commence.
  • Payment will be made to the Mentor at the beginning of the program.

How does the mentorship work?
Experienced professionals, whether they are writers, artists, publishers or poets, can act as Mentors in several ways. They can offer encouragement, advice and guidance, helping a Mentee to improve their craft. Or, they can offer advice in general, perhaps on how to pitch a project to a publisher, finding the right market or how to write a query letter. Sometimes they can offer a little of both things. The mentorship is only for a limited amount of time, so it helps if the Mentee is very clear on what they would like to work on. Participation in the program does not guarantee a Mentee’s work will be accepted for publication.

A note for the Mentee
A Mentor is not a teacher. They won’t correct or mark work, but they will give feedback to help you improve your craft. A Mentor guides you towards your goal, but it will be up to you to get there.

Time is limited so it is useful to have specific questions or areas you wish to work on in mind. If there is something niggling you about your writing, make sure this is one of the first things you ask.

Please see website for timeframes.

Midway check-in
The program coordinator will check in with both the Mentor and Mentee to see how things are going around the midway point. At this check-in point, the Mentor will be sent a Mentee evaluation, ready to start compiling for the program close.

When the mentorship is complete

  • At completion, the Mentor will be asked to write a short evaluation for the Mentee, and the Mentee will be asked to provide a testimonial about their experience for the AHWA to use for promotion purposes.
  • A feedback request will also be sent to both parties.

Contact Us
If you have any queries or concerns about any aspect of the program, please contact the Mentorship Coordinator  mentorprogram@australianhorror.com .