The AHWA has assembled a team of award-winning and award-nominated industry professionals in the fields of poetry, art, novel, short story and editing to help you better your craft through the 2017 AHWA Mentor Program.

The program matches new writers with established writers for a short period of intense development. Over three months, our Mentors work with selected writers offering one-on-one guidance and advice on developing that person’s writing, art, or editing style. This year the AHWA are also offering two Co-editor mentorships for Midnight Echo: one mentorship for 2017, the other to commence in 2018.

The Mentor Program is only open to paid-up AHWA members. Cost for the program is $175 and via application. If you are not a member, please visit the membership page for details on how to become one.

This year’s mentors are Lee Murray, Alan Baxter, Kaaron Warren, Shane Jiraiya Cummings, Deborah Sheldon, Greg Chapman and Charles Lovecraft. Biographies of our mentors can be found here.

Mentorships will be available for short and long fiction, novels, poetry, and art. This year’s program also includes two mentorships for a co-editor of Midnight Echo Magazine, one mentorship for 2017, the other to commence in 2018. Please note application for the Midnight Echo Magazine Mentorship will be by separate application form.

Applications open on Wednesday 24th May and close on Friday 16th June. The application forms and details of submission requirements will be available in the Members Area of the website.

Please read the Program Guidelines for an outline of the program, and make sure you send in your best work when applying.

‘I consider my AHWA mentorship with Kaaron Warren to have been a crucial step that really kickstarted my writing career. Kaaron’s guidance and support helped me develop my skills and bring my work up to a publishable standard. She never tried to reshape my stories to make them like her own, but instead guided me in refining them to more fully realise my own vision and unique voice. One of the stories I worked on during my mentorship went on to be reprinted in a ‘year’s best’ anthology, while another was ultimately shortlisted for an Aurealis Award. Equally important as the helpful critiques on individual stories was how my mentorship with Kaaron helped build my confidence as a writer.’ – Michelle Goldsmith, Author and Editor website

‘Having achieve a certain competence in the short story format, my next goal is to get a novel published. Working with Brett, he gave me a thorough assessment of my work in progress and gave me some valuable advice about character, pacing and structure. So, while said novel was subsequently shelved, along with the previous two, it was still the longest piece of sustained fiction I had completed to date. The mentorship program gave me the mental strength to persevere, so just maybe this fourth novel will make it all the way. It has already surpassed the previous record word count, even after a severe edit culling 20,000 words. We also discovered a mutual admiration for Charles Bukowski.’ – Anthony Ferguson, mentee under Brett McBean