This page aims to provide helpful information on the publishing industry for the new writer (eg, how it works and how to get published), with useful pointers provided by agents, publishers, editors and professional authors. Bear with us as this page develops…

Our Advice:

Do not send your stories to us, unless we specifically ask for them. Do not send your stories to other writers or editors unless they ask for them, or unless you’re best mates and often get drunk together. Believe it or not, writers and editors get hundreds of emails from people who have never written a story before, wanting to know if what they’ve written is any good. If we all took the time out to help everyone, we’d never get anything else done. The AHWA wouldn’t exist. Midnight Echo wouldn’t exist. We’d never be able to write our own stories. If you want to find out how good you are, join a critique group. Join a writing group. They’ll happily tear your work to bits.

If you want to write, then write! Every day if you can. Set yourself a limit (eg, 1000 words a day), and write until you reach that limit. It might be terrible, it might be brilliant, but at least you’ve written something. You can always edit later. Just write.

Read the advice of the authors and editors and agents below. They know what they’re talking about.

Know your craft well, and know what the elements of a good story are. This is serious. Do not, DO NOT, presume you are the best ever and don’t need to learn how to write a story. Learn about grammar, know the language, understand syntax and point of views and structure and plot and characterisation and pacing-

Research the facts of your story and research the magazine or agent you’re going to send your story to. Make sure your story fits with what they want.