Remembering on ANZAC Day

As I sit here, waiting for our website to propagate its way around the internet and become available for the world to see, it dawns on me of how thankful as a horror writers association we should be to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us to live in the free society that we do.

It is no doubt that many of us who make up the Australasian Horror Writers Association (‘AHWA’) either had relatives, or know of people, who fought to protect our freedom, with many thousands making that ultimate sacrifice. Where in a time of crisis, with a world in peril, brave men and women made their way to shores much foreign to what they were use to in order to give us the life we are lucky enough to experience today.

Together we join, from across the entire Australasian region with one common interest – the horror genre. But would we be able to be enjoying such a genre if the result from the wars were even remotely different, if our relatives didn’t answer the call when their country needed them.

Would we have the freedom to  share our thoughts, our story idea’s and explore this passion of ours or would we be stuck under the control of a dictatorship, where our very thoughts are controlled.

So as we sit back on this ANZAC Day awaiting the arrival of our fancy new website that will hopefully lead us into the future, lets remember that without the sacrifices made we as an association may not be here.

And while, with any luck, we will never know the real horror of what our fallen heroes were forced to go through, lets take it on ourselves to ensure that we take every opportunity that presents itself and enjoy this liberated, free lands that we are based in.

Lest we forget!

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