New award announced for Shadows Awards

The Executive Committee of the Australasian Horror Writers Association (‘AHWA’) have today announced plans to add a brand new category to the Australian Shadows Awards ahead of nominations opening in the coming months.

“It is important for us as a group to enhance the horror community, to come together and bring the genre out of the shadows and almost as importantly to enhance the public awareness of our association the Australasian Horror Writers Association. This has led to the creation of our brand new category,” AHWA President Brendon Meyell said of today’s exciting announcement.

The award, simply known as the President’s Award, will be an open category where members of the Australasian Horror Writers Association (‘AHWA’) will be able to nominate a member who has not only gone out of their way to promote their work, but assisted with the horror genre in general, as well as enhanced the public perception, reputation and awareness of the Australasian Horror Writers Association in general.

All nominations will be assessed by the AHWA Committee who will cast a vote on the overall winner of the category.

“This is all about recognising those who help enhance the genre,” Brendon Meynell said. 

“We want all of those who are out there spreading the word of our association, and the genre in which we all write about, to know that we do appreciate their work and that has led to the introduction of the new category.

More announcements in relation to the Australian Shadows Awards are expected in the coming months.

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