Midnight Echo Mentorships announced

Louise Sampson, the Mentor Program Coordinator, has announced the first round of mentorships that have been placed following the recent closure of the mentorship application process. With the announcement that THREE mentorships have been awarded for co-editing the returning Midnight Echo Magazine. 

The announcement of three mentorship positions is an increase of the previously planned two positions due to the level of interest that has been shown, and after consultation with Shane Jiraiya Cummings – the Executive Editor of Midnight Echo Magazine.

The recipients of the three mentoring positions are:

Anthony Ferguson – who will co-edit Issue 12 of Midnight Echo Magazine;

Helen Stubbs – who will co-edit Issue 13 of Midnight Echo Magazine;

Isobel Blackthorn – who will co-edit Issue 14 of Midnight Echo Magazine;

The additional mentorship position was created due to the success of the program.

“It is fantastic to see that this was a highly sought after mentorship position,” AHWA President Brendon Meynell said of the announcement.

“To see Midnight Echo return was a massive step for us, to be able to see so much interested in joining Shane in Co-Editing the issues was an even bigger step for the association, and the magazine overall.”

“The quality of the upcoming Midnight Echo co-editors is outstanding. Anthony, Helen, and Isobel are all experienced editors and writers who are at an exciting stage in their careers. I truly believe they will bring as much to the editing and mentoring experience as I can, so the real winners will be the authors whose work is selected for publication in Midnight Echo,” said Shane Jiraiya Cummings, Midnight Echo Executive Editor.

“Anthony is the perfect choice as the first Midnight Echo co-editor under the AHWA mentorship programme. His affiliation with Australian horror is extensive, and as the Administrator of the AHWA Critique Group, he’ll have a keen eye for spotting a good story.”

Submissions for Midnight Echo issue #12 are open now for Australian and New Zealand writers. The reading period closes on 30 August 2017, and Shane and Anthony are eager to read your very best story. Submissions guidelines are here: https://australianhorror.com/midnight-echo-magazine/submission-guidelines/

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