Awards and Trophies dispatched after delay

The Australasian Horror Writers Association (‘AHWA’) are pleased to announce that after a delay with sourcing, printing and shipping of awards and trophies that these have now been dispatched.

The handcrafted trophies by GoreFX for the 2017 Flash and Short Story Competition, along with their certificates have now been dispatched to the winners.

In addition to this DVDs and copies of Issue 1 of Serial Killer Magazine, which were kindly provided by the team at Serial Killer Calendar, which were given away and won through our online Facebook account have also been dispatched.

“There have been some delay and for that we highly apologize,” AHWA President Brendon Meynell said.

“With all of the updates to our website, to our set up, and working on some soon to be announced projects have been our main focus as we help move the AHWA forward.”

“We are offering not only our members but supporters of the horror genre a greater service. However, in focusing on this it has meant we fell behind in dispatching the prizes for our award winners.”

The annual Australian Shadows Awards are expected to arrive in office within the next two weeks at such time the award winners will receive their trophies and certificates, while the finalists in each category will also receive their certificates.

“We have had the certificates ready for a little while, however we thought it be better to dispatch all of these at once,”

“With the new period for the Shadows Awards about to open we know it is important to tie up loose ends. But we didn’t want shortlisted winners enjoying certificates while the award winners had nothing. Therefore we held off sending them until everything was ready.”

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