AHWA enters technical partnership with WPMUDEV

Since the launch of the new Australasian Horror Writers Association (‘AHWA’) website there have been a number of technical problems and gremlins that have filtered through, which at various times have caused issues to appear on the highly anticipated website.

Which is why the Australasian Horror Writers Association (‘AHWA’) is extremely excited to announce that they have entered a technical partnership with WPMU Dev.

The AHWA website is built on the WordPress Content Management System software, and each feature found on the website including advertising, message boards, posts, members area etc are all done through ‘plugins’ which is custom coding created to simplify the overall process.

WPMU Dev, a company based in Melbourne, is by far one of – if not – the leading plugin creation companies in the business whose plugins are highly sought after and improve any and all websites they are installed upon.

However, following recent discussions the team at WPMU Dev have agreed to come on board and support the Australasian Horror Writers Association to help improve on their resurgence and to help the not-for-profit organization to reach the heights it is aiming for.

The Australasian Horror Writers Association will soon be including a number of the high profile WPMU DEV plugins which will act to enhance the public awareness of the association, as well as being able to tap into the technical super heroes that make up the WPMU Dev team.

“This is a fantastic move forward for the AHWA, and while many changes will be subtle overall it will help the association enhance,” AHWA President Brendon Meynell said.

“We are always looking at ways to enhance our association and James Farmer (CEO INCSUB – parent company of WPMU DEV) and the team will provide us with some fantastic plugins and much needed technical support,”

“The great thing about their plugins and themes is they are fantastic for various websites, whether an association such as ours or business, publishing, or author websites I think our members and our website visitors will see some of the fantastic benefits the products from WPMU DEV offer and will jump at the opportunity to have them on their own website.”

The partnership comes into effect immediately.

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