Thank you for your interest in the program. The 2017 AHWA Mentor Program is the first one that has been run since 2014. This year we offer mentorships in fiction (short and long form), art, poetry. The program is also open to two Co-editorships for Midnight Echo (via separate application).

The Mentor Program will run over a three-month period between July and October 2017.

Applications open on Wednesday 24 May and close on Friday 16 June. Offers will be made to successful applicants two to four weeks from closing date. The mentorship will commence once the offer is accepted and payment has been received.

The AHWA Mentor Program is not an appraisal service that offers an assessment of a Mentees work. It is a program that assists Mentees to hone their craft and improve their skills. A Mentor will work one-on-one with a Mentee to offer advice and guidance on selected work.

Applicant Details:

Preferred Contact:SkypeFace-to-FacePhoneEmailOther (please explain)

I am available to participate in the Mentor Program between July and October 2017

Preferred choice of Mentor:
Please consult the AHWA website Mentor Program page for details of the Mentors participating in the program. It is also advisable to look at their websites and familiarising yourself with their work prior to finalising your application.

Please note: While these preferences will be taken into account, you may not be matched with any of these Mentors. Many factors are considered in the matching process, and participants are matched with Mentors with whom it is felt they can work most productively. Successful applicants may decline to participate in the program if they do not wish to work with the Mentor they have been assigned, although this is strongly discouraged by the AHWA.

If you have no preference, please leave the selection blank.

Application Details:
Explain in no more than 500 words the project you wish to work on and what you hope to gain from the mentorship experience both personally and professionally.

Please write a paragraph (100-200 words) detailing your relevant experience and publications.

Submission Requirements:
Please only submit what you wish to work on if your mentorship application is successful.
Novel/Novella: Please provide a 3,000-word writing sample, an extract from the story you intend to submit if accepted.

Short/flash fiction: Please provide a 2,000-word writing sample: one short story or two pieces of flash fiction, pieces you intend to submit if accepted.

Artwork: Please provide three samples of artwork, all JPEG, and no larger than 1MB each

Poetry: Please provide three poems, up to 2,000 words maximum.

Have you been a recipient of the AHWA mentorship in a previous year?

Are you also applying for the AHWA Midnight Echo Co-editorship?

If your application is successful!

Firstly, be prepared! Time is limited so it is useful to have specific questions or areas you wish to work on in mind. If there is something niggling you about your writing, make sure this is one of the first things you ask.

Secondly, if you are the recipient of one of the above mentorships, you will be asked to provide extra material to work on with your mentor. Please ensure these items will be available if you are offered a place in the program. The submission requirements, by topic, are as follows:

For novel and novella

  • A larger excerpt from the novel or novella that was submitted with your application
  • A synopsis
  • In total, a maximum of 15,000 words

Short story/flash fiction

  • A total of two to three short stories or five pieces of flash fiction, including those submitted with application
  • In total, a maximum of 10,000 words


  • A total of five poems, including those submitted with application
  • In total, a maximum of 6,000 words or five poems, whichever is greater.


  • Up to five pieces of artwork, including the two submitted with application
  • All files to be jpeg files and no larger than 1MB each.

Thank you once again for your interest in the AHWA 2017 Mentor Program. You will receive an email confirming receipt of this application.

The AHWA wish you the best of luck with your application.