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Keith Williams


I always wondered what I would write about myself that would be interesting to anyone else...probably not much. So just some basics before getting on to the important stuff...flogging my books.

I have a diploma of arts and worked as a production designer in television for 11 years, my biggest claim to fame was designing the original Sale of the Century set and working on Hey, Hey, it's Saturday for a long time. I designed kitchens for a while and then moved to a rural area to look after my parents (1 still left).

As a massive consumer of all things horror and speculative I decided to turn my hand to writing the stuff and had my first novel published in 2007 (this is the important bit). It is a horror/thriller tale titled 'Dark Beckoning' (my mother loved it and mothers don't lie. Do they?) Actually everyone who read it loved it and begged for more, so belatedly, after wasting two years on the publishing begging trail, my new book is out. 'The Finger of God' was available from 'Dark Beckoning' is no longerl for sale online from More novels are underway.

Oh, man, been such a long time. I doubt anyone reads this crap anyway. EQ books have bit the dust, (along with my mother sadly), but not before churning out a couple more of my novels. I'm now throwing my stuff at the publishing vultures in the vain hope of a bite. Happily took possession of the 2014 short story award. Recognition is sooo nice. So forge on, oh demented ones, for who knows when I shall next visit.