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Glenn Mitchell was raised on the Gold Coast where he probably should have stayed, surfing every day, drinking warm beer and romancing tanned women. 

After being rejected by art schools, he foolishly studied TV production and scriptwriting. His career began bizarrely as an extra in commercials. Eager to make amends, he worked in television as a presenter, writer, editor and producer of quite ridiculous programs for the ABC, Foxtel and SBS, including co-writing the infamous Australian comedy series, 'Pizza'. 

He switched to music journalism while touring the country for two years, playing bass guitar and singing badly in very loud bands that supported much better acts, like Suicidal Tendencies, Powderfinger and the Foo Fighters. 

Having amassed a wheelie bin full of failed attempts at writing, he finally stayed still long enough to release his debut novel 'Nowhere' in 2014, followed by 'Nine-Tenths of the Law' in 2015. His short stories have appeared in Shine, The J.J. Outré Review and Crack the Spine Literary Magazine. 

Mitchell now travels while writing fiction, wears very large sunglasses, drinks margaritas and avoids employment. As a member of the Australian Horror Writers Association, he is dedicated to the art of scaring people.