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Steve Dillon

Besides being President of the AHWA, and helping to co-ordinate the Christmas Anthology 'Hell's Bells,' I also manage to squeeze in a few other horror-related activities, as many of you would know.


The Refuge Collection ( has finally been put to bed and we're just awaiting the printed version. It has been a project that lasted well over a year and involved collaboration of over 30 writers, artists and other creatives. Thanks to all who were involved, giving up your time, energy and skills to help Sanctuary Australia Foundation and Refugee Action UK. So, Book 1 is printed, and Book 2 is almost ready (the kickstarter is live as I write.) There are still more audio recordings to work through, and we're planning a 'Refuge Companion' for publication at  some point. 

Under the 'Oz Horror Con' business name, I'm also putting together an anthology of short stories to be published in 2017 called 'Between the Tracks - Tales from the Ghost Train' which will contain stories by Clive Barker (An annotated version of 'The Midnight Meat Train') and Ramsey Campbell (to be announced) plus more, mostly from Australian and New Zealand writers. These all involve trains or other track-bound vehicles, a perfect setting for a horror story imo. Please see full details at if interested, or visit the FaceBook page.  

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