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Kyla Ward

Kyla Ward is a Sydney-based writer, actor and artist, with a love of all things dark and beautiful. She lives with her partner, the writer David Carroll.

Together with their mutual friend, Evan Paliatseas, they are 'Edwina Grey', author of the novel Prismatic released in 2006 by Lothian Books. Kyla and David have collaborated on other projects, including the horror fanzine and website Tabula Rasa and supplements for the roleplaying game Demon: the Fallen (White Wolf).

Independently, Kyla has had short stories in Ticonderoga Online, Aurealis and Borderlands magazines, on and and in the anthologies Agog! Fantastic Fiction, Agog! Terrific Tales (Ed. Cat Sparks, Agog! Press, 2002/03) and Passing Strange (Ed. Bill Congreve, MirrorDanse, 2002). Her poetry has appeared on and in Bloodsongs and Abaddon magazines. Articles have appeared in Art Monthly Australia, Black, Australian Realms, Bloodsongs, Viewpoint, Black Gate and Dragon magazines.

A member of the repartory company, The Theatre of Blood, she has several roles in their current productions. The short film Bad Reception, in which she played the lead as well as writing and producing, screened at A Night of Horror and the Vampire Film Festival in 2009

She has interviewed Peter Weir and Tanith Lee, visited the Paris catacombs and the Valley of the Kings, explored numerous caves and a certain amount of philosophy. She likes bats.

Kyla Ward

Me at Highgate Cemetery