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Gitte Christensen



Rajiv and the Bn Stalks - Arkham Tales (forthcoming)

Paradigm Shift - AntipodeanSF (#142 forthcoming)

A Sweet Story - A Handsome Laundrette, A Box of Lovers and Two Dozen Happy Seacows (anthology, forthcoming)

Nullipara - The Tangled Bank:Love, Wonder and Evolution, (anthology) 2010

Useful Stuff - AntipodeanSF #139, 2010

The Viper-Seller's Son - Flash Me Magazine, Fantasy Issue, October 2009

Traitor - AntipodeanSF #135, 2009

The Six Solvers and the Mystery of the Sad Boy - Andromeda Spaceways Inflight  Magazine #38, 2009.

Voyage to Abydos - Aurealis Magazine #24, 1999.


Children's stories:

Taddies - The School Magazine: Touchdown, July 1995.

When Granny J Lost her Teeth - The School Magazine: Blast Off, May 1995.

Another One of Dad's Stories - The School Magazine: Blast Off, April 1993.

The Devils and the Open Door - She's Apples (Fantail Books) 1991

Tiriam's Martian Pot-Fizz - Quark Young People's Magazine, May 1990.

Bunyip Goes Wooing - 1986 [Winner of the Australian Writers Professional Service Award (Short Stories)]


Born in Brisbane and raised a bit in almost every Australian state, Gitte also lived in Denmark for 12 years before returning to study journalism at RMIT. After 23 years in St Kilda, she now resides in Central Victoria.

When not reading or writing, she likes to grab a tent and a horse and go trail riding through distant mountains. 

Her blog: At a Steady Trot