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Coming Release: The Last Chruch Check it out. Calling reviewers for PDF version. Get free pre-read.

True Story: On New Years night, 2004, I was in bed a little after 5 AM and I was very close to sleep when I felt someone looking at me (this happened a lot when I lived in Japan -- haunted house). I looked at the darkened room and saw a dark figure and when I concentrated on the finding the face to this figure, I saw a demon's face. It was purple with red zig-zag markings. The eyes were dark and I think he was smiling at me, so I smiled back. There was no fear, which surprised me when I later analysed it. I rolled over in bed (can't sleep when I'm being watched), pulled the blankets over my ears and drifted off to sleep. I thought, ‘Who is that?’ And a word popped into my head: Mephistopheles. Several months later, a demon dressed in battle armour hissed in my ear. I rolled away and I felt something tapping my shoulder. I moved house 2 days later.
This native New Zealander lives to write. He is the author of several speculative fiction novels , short stories and chapbooks. And he was the editor of seven anthologies (all horror). He is currently the New Zealand Rep for the International Order of Horror Professionals and lives in Wellington, New Zealand, and runs The Masters of Horror Writing Community. His Website is here and you'll find the about me page has more details including an author interview.
Warning, the below work has been known to cause spontaneous combustion of the eyes and soul. ... you have been warned. There are two other books not listed here. They are POD, and don't really count. The first is Night Shadow (Xlbris. Still available. Interesting grammar and structure lol) and the other was a con that got me. Potea press, Crossover (availability unknown). The Sixth Dimension is a blog novel that grew from the general idea of Crossover. I'm also continuing with the novel (building two other titles and worlds based on the original) as it follows the story of Christopher -- a boy thrust into manhood via DNA growth enhancement by the Reynox race, in order to grab the key from Adult DNA. A key that will unlock all six dimensions of the universe.

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Novels and online publications

The Game (title may change) -- Black Bed Sheets Press TBR

The Last Chruch -- Black Bed Sheet Press August 2009

Terror Tales -- Ankle Biter Press. Out of Print. 2008

Hell Cell -- SPX press. Chapbook 2006 (pod released) available.

A Season of Darkness (out of print). Limited Hand Crafted edition. Self released, 25 copies, under the pen name: Walter T. Anderson. 2004

Re-Entry of Evil. (out of print). SPX press. 2003

Blood of the Wolf. Published 2001 D. G. Publishers (out of print).2001


Edited Anthologies

Demons and Shadows 1 (SPX Press release date: 2003) (out of print)

Demons and Shadows 2 SPX Press Unreleased

Embark to Madness (Coscom entertainment 2005)

Stories of Fear (D. G. Publishers, four (4) PDF issues 2001 ~ 2003) (out of print)


Anthologies and E-zines


Synn -- Sonar4 Magazine In the Mouth Anthology 2009

The Pretender -- For the Love of Monsters (selected title for first print anthology from The Monsters next door magazine) 2009

Shadows -- Morpheus Tales #6 (October 08)

Shadow Lands -- Yellow Mama (June 15 09)

The last Watcher -- Arkham Tales 08

The Pretender -- Issue Three-- The Monsters Next Door 08

A splash of Red -- Little Red Riding Hood Anthology 08

Santa (reprint) -- Twisted Twins 08

Red Wings, Black Wing -- The Open Vein 08

Momma's Boy -- Neobeam 07

I just wanna go Home -- Alone in the Dark Anthology 2007 (reprint) Darkened Dreams Press.

Character Attack -- A Cruel World March / April 2006.

The Fountain of Youth -- Dead Men Walking anthology, Bards and Sages press, 2006.

Red moon - Vintage Moon anthology TBR

The Sixes -- Thirteen Magazine UK 2005 (Winner October Issue 05)

Santa -- Winner of Horror World December Flash 2004

Christmas Soldier - Deathbus E-Zine December 2004 Issue.

The Cold -- Cold Flesh Antho - Hellbound books July 05

The Long Wait - ChimeraWorld 2 Chimericana Books

The Three Sixes - Hades 0.7 June issue 04

Deep South - Scared Naked magazine June Issue 04

With the dammed - Scrybe Press (March 2004)

Something not quite right - Nevermore online magazine

How it Comes - Lost souls online website (pen name Walter Anderson)

The Boy - Small Bites Anthology for Charles Grant.

Dogs - Raging Horrormones (Ox-Cart press) 2004 release date

three seven three - THWN: New voices in horror

Staring at the Sun- Parastorium: Terrors Within

I just wanna go home -- Cyberpulp Halloween antho 2001




Nefarious -- Soul Engravings.

Fear -- Twisted Twins