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Lee Battersby

Lee Battersby is the Aurealis, Ditmar, Australian Shadows, and Writers of The Future winning author of over 70 short stories, many of which are collected in Through Soft Air (Prime Books, 2006). He has appeared in markets as diverse as Year's Best Fantasy & Horror Volume20, Dr Who: Destination Prague, All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories, Tales of the Unanticipated, Aurealis, and Znak Sagite. In 2007 he was a tutor at renowned international SF workshop Clarion South, where he learned to play Mafia and helped inspire at least one discussion of impact physics in unicorn-porn horror stories. Just ask Peter Ball.


Recent projects involve participation in the Remix My Lit project and the AHWA mentoring scheme, as well as working with Azure Productions on a feature length film treatment of his wife Lyn's short story The Memory of Breathing. He is currently working on a number of novels. He is editor of issue 4 of Midnight Echo, so it might pay to start sucking up to him now.


He also maintains a blog at The Battersblog and wishes you'd all drop by and say hi.