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Australian Horror Writers Association :: Meeting documents including Committee Nomination Forms
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Meeting documents including Committee Nomination Forms

Please note, all documents on this page are made available in confidence to AHWA members only and are not for publication or distribution outside of the AHWA. By downloading or viewing these files within your browser, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

As an incorporated entity in the State of Victoria, Australia, the AHWA is required to abide by Consumer Affairs Victoria Associations Incorporation Act (1981). The Association rules for the AHWA can be read here.

The AHWA Committee currently consists of the following offices:
Vice President
Membership Officer
General Committee
General Committee

All Committee positions are made vacant during the AGM and new officers will be elected by the AHWA membership.

To be eligible to stand for election for a committee position, candidates must be nominated by TWO members of the AHWA.

All necessary forms are available below as either online forms or downloadable PDFs.

Important forms:

Committee Member Nomination Form - This form will be used for the member filling it in to nominate another member for a position on the AHWA committee.

Committee Nomination Acceptance Form - this form is for the member nominated to a particular position of office to accept their nomination.

Form of Appointment of Proxy - To be completed if you are unable to attend any meeting to vote in person.

Downloaded forms may be submitted by mail, or emailed as a scanned attachment.

By mail:

Post Office

Email: ahwa@australianhorror.com

If you have any questions related to the Association rules, please contact ahwa@australianhorror.com

All reports and minutes for the Annual General Meetings of the AHWA can be found on this page (most recent business up the top, older reports down the bottom).





AGM President's Report

Treasurer's Report 

Secretary's Report  

Committee Meeting Minutes - April 27 2014 

Committee Meeting Minutes - August 10 2014  


Committee meeting minutes - 13 march 2013

AGM minutes - October 6, 2013 

Financial report - 2013

Secretary report - 2013

Membership officer report - 2013

Commitee Meeting Minutes - October 20, 2013

Beechworth report

Midnight Echo costings 

Committee Meeting Minutes - October 27, 2013

Committee Meeting Minutes - November 25 2013 


AGM Minutes - Oct 27, 2012

Financial Report

Secretary Report

Committee meeting - 26 Jan 2012

Committee meeting - 29 Jun 2012


AGM Minutes - September 2011

Minutes of General Meeting - 15th December 2011

Minutes of General Meeting - 22nd September 2011

Financial Report - 2010-2011

Member Officer Report - 2010-2011

President Report - 2010-2011

Secretary Report - 2010-2011

Rule Changes - September 2011

2010 Nightmare Ball Report


AGM Minutes - September 2010

Minutes of General Meeting - April 14 2010

Minutes of General Meeting - February 24 2010


President's report

Treasurers report

Financial Statement 2008-2009

AGM Minutes - September 2009



President's Report

Treasurer's Report

AHWA Financial Statement 2007-2008

Membership Report

Outgoing AHWA Secretary, Carl Schaller, has created a fantastic slideshow which outlines the history of the AHWA from its inception to current status. It is available for downloading as a PowerPoint file here and is highly recommended to all AHWA members!

Please note, the file size is 1.2MB, so it might take a while if you're on dial-up.



President's Report

Treasurer's Report

Financial Statement

Secretary's Report



President's Report

Treasurer's Report

Financial Statement

Secretary's Report



President's Report