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Industry Advice: Kim Wilkins

by Kim Wilkins
Aurealis Award winning author

The most important philosophical point I'd like to make about writing is that you absolutely must do it for its own sake. That is, you must write because you love what you're writing, because not to write it would hurt.

It is fine to have dreams or goals or whatever you want to call them, and they may be about publication or huge sales or instant celebrity. But dreams can't sustain you on a daily basis. The sheer joy of writing must sustain you, because in the end it's all you have any control over.

The most important practical tip I can offer is to build strong networks. Make friends with influential people without being pushy, attend workshops and conventions, join writing groups and critique groups. Networking is a huge part of success in publishing.

Finally, if you do get rejected, you must not take it personally. So many factors impact on publishing success, and you aren't in control of all of them. Get back in the saddle, keep going, keep writing and never give up.