Southern Horror Yahoo Group

2008 Winners

Flash Fiction Category 


The Exchange
by Benjamin Hayes

Benjamin will receive an engraved plaque and his winning story has been accepted in the very last issue of Shadowed Realms for paid publication.


  • Portrait by Crisetta MacLeod
  • Cold Feet by Carolyn Eldridge-Alfonzetti
  • The Salbine Incident by Patrick O'Duffy

Short Story Category 


by Alice Godwin

Alice will receive an engraved plaque and her winning story has been accepted by Midnight Echo for paid publication in Issue 1.


  • The Lord of the Law by David Conyers
  • The Dead End by Stephen Studach
  • The Biting of Nails by Steven Cavanagh


Congratulations to Alice and Benjamin, and to all of those who made the shortlist. Thank you also to everyone who entered the competition--there were more than 100 entries this year, which made judging extremely difficult. And on that note, the AHWA would like to extend its gratitude to the judges, who did a wonderful job.